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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Last Night's Dream


Angles protruding at the edge of reasoning
I was told to climb up the mountain
The wise man lives there

Dreams are explained by him
W' leaves mashed up a' placed in a cup
To drink and be told of your future

The clouds will open up to the sea blue sky
So we can watch the birds fly in formation
Following the sunset for sleep in the night

In the morning they will descend
The trees, mountains and hills, down the valley
In search of food or tweak to build t' nest home

Do birds a' mammals h' to deal w' conflicting issues
Family worries and sibling rivalry like humans
Do they h' to deal w' bad blood a' family pressures

T' are wet leaves left at the bottom of the cup
Looks like it is time for the old wise man
To interpret last night's dream

Picture by Salvador Dali

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