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Friday, 20 March 2015

Butterfly In the Wind

Butterflies have wings
Like birds so colourful a' with allure
But butterflies are not birds, regardless

Though they receive t' same accolades
And are often overly praised
To that of their cousins, moths

To be treated like birds of paradise
Butterflies I am telling you
Are not birds, never have they been

Though they feed on nectar
And spreads pollination like birds
To add to their essence

Butterflies are not birds
And for those who are caught in an illusion
Of false thought, self worth a' a sense of security

Just because of the attention
They receive, get from parade
Butterflies I am telling you, are not birds

Pride spells bullseye on such creatures
Butterflies to be spotted with loud colours
By birds that feast on insects

To have made a meal out of you
My dear; butterflies are not birds, do remember
Dancing in t' winds, naively away from t' meadows

The bug of an old fool only finds out
After he has been made a meal of
T' as butterfly he was just an insect a' not a bird

Picture by http://www.dianamcalister.com/

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