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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The (in)dependence of Ghana

Denounce the government and embrace the flag‪ #‎wendellberry‬.

The politics, ‬ independence is a scam, all politicians are the same. We are in debt, but I owed no man, I borrowed no money, I sleep in the darkness but I paid all my bills. My pipes lie empty, I am forced to drink from plastic bags. The Doctor is in on the scam too; he's is no longer a noble cause, he writes prescriptions as a way of extorting money from the sick and vulnerable, then kills me dead on negligence, no recourse no one is held liable. 

There is no blood at the hospitals, even though Jehovah witness are refusing blood, we are all selfish to give, though even after giving, storage becomes a problem. There is no air in the oxygen cylinder, watch me chocking dead. The medical stores are all on fire and the last remaining salvaged drugs are expired, being forced down my throat.

 The condoms imported are too small for the African size, they rip off, thorn to shreds at the first thrust, and so I am left with a scare.

Our institutions are inactive, the country is run by sleeping sheep. The upper class are all foreigners living in gated communities, entered only by invitation strictly by invitation. The high end restaurants and hotels will not have me for being a second class citizen. 

My roads are dusty red, dust covers my throat I am a Martian to be from Mars the red planet. Our farmers are under attack, Monsanto wants to play God to kill all our seeds and starve us dead, so the west can show us on TV begging for charity "please sir, give me some more sir". But how can I blame the West, it's a dog eat dog world and we beg to be eaten. 

Denounce the government, embrace the flag, find your patriotism and stand for a cause, for politicians are all scam, in it just for themselves. ‪#‎Ghana‬‪#‎Africa‬ thinking out loud it's about time.

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