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Saturday, 26 September 2015

I Am Forever Rasta

Take a glass of water and gently
Slowly sip through, feel all the senses
The taste, the wetness, the awareness 

The temperature, 
Feel the flow of it, as it is ...Yeah, Mon
As it goes through your throat

Feel the grip of the glass,
See the colour of the water,
Memorise every act you make

In drinking the water
In quenching your thirst
In being alive, feeling alive ....Yeah, Mon

We take so much for granted
Until we have no breath left in us.
When we die we remain still, stone as still

Stone as; where we had our last breathe
Until someone comes and takes us,
A love one, comes for us....Yeah, Mon

Organise a ceremonial burial
And offer us with that last dignity
As burial, my burial rite

We are nothing without love,
Nothing without companionship,
Nothing without empathy,  care...Yeah, Mon

Someone has to give you
Your last dignity of burial rites.
A passage to ancestral lands

But do not bring falsehood
To my burial grounds
Honour me your true feelings..Yeah, Mon, as true

When I am gone.
Speak of me as I was
My good, my bad and my ugly,

For Rasta will and forever always
Be a realist, no apologise.
I am forever Rasta, in loving memories.. Yeah, Mon


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