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Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Second Coming

Cry out when you see 
The clouds form, we have been 
Informed of the second coming 

Revelations, revelations 

Something lurks in the bush  
Like a shadow of old soldiers 
Who run wild, wild  

On this here 
Grass land 

Blood socked boots matching 
As heroes wandering 
The wilderness 

Where is home 
Where is home 

History likes to repeat itself 
Like an old record player  
That has been played a thousand times 

Yes, history likes 
To repeat it self 

Cry out when you see 
The clouds form, we have been
Informed of the second coming 

The coming, the coming 
The second coming 

Kiss the foreheads of your love ones 
And say a prayer 
For their safe passage 

This is going to be 
A rough road 

I testify with my own naked eyes
I saw the lifeless body 
Of a child washed up ashore 

This is the 21st Century 
Revisiting the mid-evil ages

Our heroes are those who take life 
And have theirs taken for cheap  
On battle fields, we worship  

Blood for blood 
Rivers of blood,  a sea of blood 

The priest will offer 
Them redemption 
After confessions 

A clean slate 
As clean 

And some will shout 
"God Is Great "
Beheading their victims 

God's own 
God's own creation 

Yes cry out when you see 
The clouds form  
We have been informed 

Of the second coming 

Picture by http://artunleashed.zoomblog.com/

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