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Sunday, 20 September 2015

What Is Abstract, Pablo Picasso

See I don't need to write
A bunch of jargon, complex wheeling wagons
To pontificate bluster, jab & perplex, wrangling
Devotional minds, don't disturb meditations

I would rather draw
Or leave brush strokes on canvass
Projecting my lunacy on view
Like graffiti on side streets

Are you with me, fingers snap
Like are you still with me, in the room
Snap snap, snap out of it
If not just say before we proceed

As we proceed
With a state of confusion
In a maze farm lost
Trying to wiggle out of disorientation

Lets go back to basics, basis
Baby steps on trail drive
Leaner's driver given
On the fool's guide to the universe

Images and maps posted
At vantage points
To bring lost sheep home
Are we there yet, they ask

Awaken with chants of bravado
Were you there
Present to see
Bared witness with sight

As the journey starts
Sleeping bugs bites to infect
Inducing a state of
Sleep paralysis, nodding off

Lets pray the one with his hands
On the driver's wheels, steering
Is still awake, for God sake
We pray, AMEN

Death is always close to sleep
And people that have come close
To it,  death's door that is
Always seems to testify of a dream state

Let me ask you a question then
Are you awake, asleep or dead, deader
Which one feels like the strangest of all
Life imitating art for forgery on Pablo Picasso

Are you with me, not on hypnosis
Like are you still with me
In the room or wondering
On day dreams of thought

I do not mean to confuse you
Sir, sir; Madam madam altered presence
Ghost on a day release, please take a seat
Calm down the asylum on prison break

It is Pablo Picasso
Go figure on
What is abstract

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