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Friday, 18 September 2015

Politics, Rhetoric and A Voters Register

Sticks and stones on crush course, no seat belt 
And they said, we will not break, nor sweat as much 

But the police got offended 
Court injunctions before march on junctions 

Something about, someone said shouting 
Koti ooo koti, on demonstration with a cause 

Let our vote count 
Or was it new registration, some thing on rhetoric 

Graffiti splattered, plastered all around town 
Awareness, preparedness, excitement on adrenaline 

On both sides tension heightened mount 
Counting down on D-Day, today be today 

No shaking, we dey form, we dey 
Bravado sipping cocktails of adrenaline 

Something about, someone said shouting 
Protest, protest, lets protest on a hot afternoon 

Then someone said, shouting in response
Koti ooo koti on un-designated paths 

All hell breaks loose 
Skin to batons, batons to skin, for autograph's display 

Skid marks left for political talks on radio, Radio parrots, knock knock; who is there 

To be or not to be, William Wallace 
Aggrieved on judgement stand 

Society left standing on weighted average 
Waiting to see where the weight will drop 

We must be entering the election season 
Democracy, is demonstrating craziness 

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