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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Normality, Oh I Am Just Mad

What is normality 
Oh but, I am just that mad 
How would I know, what do I know 

The mad man does not want 
Society to cure his madness,
Believe me, I am one, I know

He only just expects society 
To understand and appreciate 
His madness, there is a method to it 

Unfortunately it is, as it is 
Long after the fact, that is
That society gets it 

Where he is coming from 
Not coco land, you know 
Set behind the mountains

Know this; am telling you
The average madness of society 
At a given time, is defined as normality 

Past that time it is termed as 
"what were we thinking" 
How could that ever have been

Fact is laws, laws
Would even be passed
To affirm the status quo,

Ask me how slavery
And Hitler's reign
Lasted so long a time

Ask me how was it ever possible
We got so close to a nuclear war
To burn the earth to ashes, ashes to ashes

And some say
The aliens stopped it, with prayers and UFOs
Just at the nick of time

What is normality
Oh but I am just that mad
How would I know, what do I know 

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