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Monday, 22 February 2016

Road Kill

Our roads are a slaughter house, butchery
And all farm animals are to be spared

Lined in rows on speeding wheels
Cuts and bruises are the norm

Death trap metal mangled up
Going fast past the speed limit

Breaks replaced with blowing of horns
A crush is preferred to a stop to save lives

Selfish greedy personalities queue
Each morning on the roads in waiting

Before the day ends rest assured
The morgue will be full to the brim

Pot holes, dotted on the roads
Traffic lights incoherent acting gaga

Road lights absent where needed the most
Road signs lost in time with meanings expired

Oh and at night and at night
High light drive in crowded areas as usual

Blinding all, all is blinded driving blind
Blinded men behind the wheels

Our roads are a slaughter house, butchery
Like an abattoir, ready for the slaughter

Last I heard there was a threat of mass burial
The morgue is full and there is no where left

Just enough meat for the Friday night
Wake keeping party, hungry mourners to feast

I heard someone say it was God's calling
Their time to go to heaven, they have been called

Oh but the farm animals are to be spared
Just the humans, dogs and cats for road kill

Our roads are a slaughter house, butchery
This week close to a hundred came in as meat

Just that a slaughter house, butchery slaughter
Lined up in rows and rows for the road kill

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