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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Zebra's T Shirt

I saw a zebra's head on a T shirt
It is too early for mind games

For a second I thought
I had forgotten to take my pills

Then I remembered I have no shrink
To have prescribed me with such

Was there more to it
A zebra's head on a T shirt

Maybe it is better I stop thinking
It may help, may be

Before I really start needing
To see a shrink and be drugged

My life's perspective have changed
Way too many times to remember

What notions I had from the start
Have long gone and then some

I have seen the weak become strong
And the strong become weak

I have seen it all
The reverse mode of life

The shift of power
And the resulting character change

Reality is based on the current state
Of affairs on the surrounding factors

All subject to change, lucid fluid dreams
De ja vu and hallucinations

Was it a zebra's head on a T shirt
I saw this morning

Every thing is subject to the moment
The shrink and pills just delude the essence

Emotions, but when you pinch me
I do feel the reality of the pain, just saying

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