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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

To Pimp A Butterfly

Compton is in Africa, true story
If you don't know, now you know

The greatest man that ever lived
Never blew his own horn

Somebody tell Kanye
Kanye we have a new hero

And he is down for the fight
On the greatest stage he let it rip

Somebody tell Kanye
Shades included "we gon be alright"

We have Kendrick Lamar
So we gon be alright

We gon be alright
We gon be alright

Chains on, broken chains off
Mental prison incarcerated minds

To pimp a butterfly
To pimp a butterfly

Fearfully shameful of our heritage
Badges worn as passports to belong

Denial infront of the limelight
Acceptance away from the limelight

Kendrick made us know
That campton is in Africa

For black is Africa
And the struggle did not start

From the middle passage
But from the main land Africa

To kill a mocking bird
To pimp a butterfly

Relevance relative to notions
This is the essence of poetry

And true rap has to be poetry
To have value  and be valued

Let the listener feel awaken
Knowing we gon be alright

We gon be alright 
We gon be alright 
We gon be alright

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