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Friday, 5 February 2016

The Great Debate

It was always going to be
Just a matter of time

Truly if the stars are aligned
And the sun is our candle in the dark

Like which side of the roll
Is the right path, this is important

To say the earth is flat
And not round, am told it is still debatable

Rapper B.O.B says it so
He stands by it.

John deGrasse has his work
Cut out for him, "do I really"

Frustrated for having to argue
The point all over again

Synopsis and discoveries
Sensation and conspiracy theories

The Jester is now considered
The most famous in society

And in today's society
Fame is attributed to essence

Blanket relevance
The masses give credence

And we are all left dumb founded
Blue pills or red pills

The Professor and the jester
Debating on weather the earth is flat or round

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