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Sunday, 21 February 2016

The JB Danquah Murder

A politician lost his life
We are in dangerous times

Count down on voters parade
Clans and gangs with their colours out

On your door leave a mark
To be identified by, being colour coded

If you are lucky you will be spared
That is, if you are lucky, that is

All the same, turn off all the lights
Put the dog in his cage, ssshhh! on the barking

The cat has its own sense of independence
That is unless it has been pampered spoilt rotten

And wears a scuff keeping up with vogue
Then it will be snobbish to the rat meat

And will not last a minute
Out in the wilderness

Sorry, a politician lost his life
Where was I, where was I

Oh yeah, a politician lost his life
Sorrowful this is, to comprehend

He left behind a young family
But he was well to do, so they will be fine to do

Now to the two opposing sides, clans, gangs
Pointing fingers of blame, like fuel on flame

Looking for political points to score
Like a board game with bets on play

Along the line an accused got arrested
He sure looks guilty, motives are just not so clear

Coincidence it may be, it can be, but
It is t' sensitive time that holds worrying thoughts

It is an election year, its an election year
Nothing can be taken for granted now

Count down on voters parade
T' clans and gangs are out with their colours

Something to do with winner takes all
It is that serious on stakes

Nothing is to be left for chance
Not when there is this much to loose

Lets just hope the election observers
Are seriously up to the job, being all fair

A politician just lost his life
We are in dangerous times

Rhetoric, rhetoric, suspicions
And propaganda fuels the paranoia

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