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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Losing a bet

I lost the battle of wits
I lost the relevance it holds

Indeed I came last on the count
Indeed I did not place at all

I lost the right to be named
I lost a seat on the table

I lost a bet tossed with a coin
I even lost the coin that was used

I walked blindly naked in a crowd
I was crowd shamed on a stage

I lost my bravado to a bet
I took a chance and I lost

I wished the fortune teller
Had told me earlier

That one does not play
A betting poker card game

Chips on the table mounted up
With tarot cards

No matter how good one is
No matter how good the odds are

I lost the battle of wits
I lost the relevance it holds

But my pineapple hair looks nice
A least so I am told

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