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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Long Time No See (Cross Roads)


Long time, no see, no see  
Seeing you 
Like a ghost from past memories  
Unaware, till I see you  
How far, long, fast time flies  

Time gone by in memory 
When we shared a pact 
Secret handshakes  
Always together  
The show stoppers 
Playing to the gallery gallantry 

When did we fade into shadows  
Away from each others lives 
Small talk, now being made  
Last I heard you went
travelling the world

We use to talk for hours 
Now awkwardness gathers in the clouds 
Taking  precedence holding hostage 
And silence, takes centre stage 
After a few words said 

We have grown apart  
Drifting strangers, on voyage  
We have become in formation 

"See you around, see you soon"
As a ghostly haunt, echoing from the past

Knowing  very well, we would
Probable never, again cross paths

Our parallel worlds crossed
And  we caught a glance of each other 

At this juncture, pass this junction
Again we go our separate ways again

No longer reminiscing
Of the good old days
Replaced by the awkward silence
Of our last meet up that awkward

It has all changed now, forgotten codes 

Now, we are just ghostly strangers
Who's paths once crossed
On the journey of life  

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  1. on and on and on...
    GO! Bro!!!

  2. Such sad reminiscing in your poem, Kodjo. She certainly looks like an apparition, and you capture the awkwardness of drifting apart very well. Fine poem, my friend.

  3. A relationship lost - a ghost of something once very much alive. Well done.

  4. The older I get the more relationships like this pile up and emanate out of a tattered wall such as this. Had me to the end ...nice response to the photo.

  5. Nice One Shoot... love how you pull from the photo, then take us down the halls of the arrow to a distant place, feeling the separateness now highlighted in the relationship, slipping away to an awkward familiarity.

  6. very distinctive and different response to the prompt - quite like it :)

  7. Your poem made me think of the many friendships I've had over the years, and how we drift apart with time. Bittersweet memories.

  8. a great reply to the prompt..loved your take on this...cheers pete

  9. lovely journey..used the ghost term wonderfully

  10. Not all haunting is done by dead spirits. Nice piece!

  11. A meeting and a moment we can all identify with in our compartmentalized lives...well said!



  12. So well done. Totally relatable.

  13. Good one. I love the way you've described the awkwardness of a changed relationship, from being close to being strangers.

  14. Nice twist on the theme. Dig it.

  15. Can relate, Nice take on the theme!

  16. i like the forgotten codes, that really symbolizes moving away from each other

    i used a similar picture;
    crossroads of a thousand trees


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