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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Now There Is Silence

Quiet the room stays, eerily 
No words spoken
Silence fills the air,

Yesterday there was liFe 
In this house a family
Three voices heard giggling 
Now there is silence

Arguments, Shouts, Shouts, Shouts
Doors banged, to shake the frames, structure  
The very foundations, of once called home
Over silly things ended by the silence

I have to have my say, to over burden you
Let me have my turn to talk, always I am right 
By default, it was your fault, always is 
Never good enough, is what you do

Now there is silence
Now you can have your say, in empty kingdoms
And perfect, all so wrong 
Save your arms and throat, from hard work

But the room feels empty, ghostly 
The emptiness and silence echoes, eerily 
In itself creating a burden of realisation  
Over thoughts of guilt 

Now you can have your way, your say
Perfect once so wrong 
But the silence feels,  fills 
Full the emptiness with misery 

Questions now being asked, on reflection
After the penny has dropped, was it all worth it
But the price has all so long been paid for
Now there is silence, ghostly silence 
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  1. Sad. I know this feelings. And it is almost always over silly things!

    You hve put it so well in words.

  2. So sad and the emptiness is haunting....

    Sometimes it is not worth it at all.

  3. It can be a promise in the making.

    daily athens

  4. Very sad, the memories, and the view of what was~

  5. Ghostly silence... emptiness; I love your take on the prompt!

  6. Ghostly silence... love your take on the prompt.

  7. Ghostly silence... love your take on the prompt.

    ~laurie kolp

  8. The repetition works well here. Echoes of the repetition of the fighting? All for naught...

  9. Sad :( Silence could kill.

  10. Very sad, a household broken by fights does feel haunted.

  11. Such a sad an touching poem about what is true so often. Great poem!

  12. sad - haunted by what might have been


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