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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

All Things Beautiful

                                                                      Woman With a Towel, 1898, Edgar Degas

If God created all things 
Bright and beautiful, flowers blossom 
Beautifully there is none so beautiful
As the beauty of a feminine temple

With soft and smooth hair
Skin that melts like chocolate, caramel in arms
With smooth voices that whispers
Lullabies into my ears, cloud nine 

From head to toe, I am enchanted
Falling in love, each time, every time 
With every curve, and contour moulded
Into position with perfection wants  
To the eyes of  the beholder, blessed and me too 

Caught without word in gaze, admiration    
Her eyes that looks back at me, with tease 
From the shoulders journey 
To the top front end of life's nourishment 

To the back, slowly hitting the
Back end that lifts up with praise 
Geography of poetic passion 
Contours, of sculpture that stands  

Down to the hips  
The front low end, of flower's blossom 
Drowned already suffocated
Enjoying being immersed, I 

By all things beautiful
Before being hit with the
Legs, in flamingo, lets dance 

What reluctant defense 
Can I put up, I as a man 
Born to be weakened and overpowered 
By the feminine temple, life on earth

If God created all things 
Bright and beautiful, flowers blossom  
None so beautiful, as the beauty of a woman 
Worshipped as a feminine temple 

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  1. Beautiful words, Kodjo! Perhaps a man's love of women stems from his mother's nurturing touch.

  2. This was so stunning! I loved it; it had a lyrical verse and so Well Done!

  3. Very true! Women are goddesses, and men are mostly powerless against them. They may seem vulnerable but it's all a trap. That's where their real strength lies.

  4. Very nice great flow of words..

  5. If more women knew their power...

  6. We don't to badly we women, eh....? Beautifully chosen words.

  7. Luminous and delicious...skin that melts like chocolate...mmm...


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