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Sunday, 16 June 2013

On a day like this

There are no songs played, this day
There is no dance, on open floors 
There are no cakes to cut

There are no words for celebratory remarks
Glass raised in honour, a speech on toast absent 
There are no cards with personalized messages 

There are no flowers to be placed in jars 
There are no walks in the park after dine 
No embarrassing stories to tell 

There are just thoughts for the day 
Reflection and memories we hold 
And the heart sits heavy with miss 

Missing innocent smiles 
With each distant mile that lies 
Between you and I on this day....

On a day like this  
From a distant on a day like this 
On this day


  1. felt man...there have been many of these days i have been far from home....but gonna drive 3 hours today to see my dad...cause its worth it and so is he...smiles.

  2. This reads tender...like a love song. Yeah, it's hard to be far from those we love on days like these. Sometimes, the distance is an impossible one...

  3. Yes, tender like a love song and also a perfect tribute for Fathers" Day :)

  4. Sometimes all we have are memories and we are blessed if those memories can somehow sustain us! Beautifully written!My Head is Beating with Wishes

  5. So sweet and sad, Kodjo. Hard to be apart on any day, even more so on father's day.

  6. Poignantly put. It can be so hard at such times.

  7. To be missed is to be loved. Beautiful poem!

  8. It can be bitter sweet for sure

  9. Very very true! feelings and moments reflecting stay with us. Touched a chord here

  10. A lovely expression of your love for your father!

  11. Now my heart sits heavy too for all the emotion you poured into this beautiful poem!

  12. Someone said 'distance lends enchantment'. They had no idea what they were talking about.

  13. Loved ones are missed due to distances but the heart always reaches out to them. beautiful one.

  14. Fathers. We often gush with affection when they are not around. But shy away in presence. All the more reason to appreciate your beautiful tribute, Kodjo Deynoo.

  15. I love this. It is so powerful in its feeling and honesty.

  16. A wonderful tribute, heartfelt and filled with longing and love,


  17. "And the heart sits heavy with miss "...beautiful.

  18. well composed - such a sad tone


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