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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

An Enemy Within, Our heroes never reached home

I was told to look out of the window
Keep looking south, friend
Our brothers and sisters that went to war
Are on their way back with victory

They have defeated the old enemy
And so we need not worry no more
Not ever again on this land 
Richly blessed our forefather's left us 

They were spotted in a distance
Crossing the rivers that stands
Tall next to our land the whole stretch
That means they are already home

For the river is on our land
The Gate way to the village
Yet it has been days now
No one has heard word from them

The celebratory drums has been played
It has been beaten hard to tiredness
With holes in its heart bleeding
Begging a reprieve for sight of our heroes

Cannibalistic manners being portrayed
Our leaders have betrayed us 
On all political front and civil heads follow
Both the right and left and those inbetween 

They ambushed and ate the flesh 
Of the sore wounds of our fighters 
Like maggots with greed hunger  
And corrupt deeds that leaves our land dry

The land as a skeleton without flesh
Stripping in a frenzy the very structures
That holds sanctity and value of our people
Our heroes never reached home

The enemy was not that which we conquered
When the river sits on our land once so rich
Yet we starve of thirst and import
From our distant neighbors fish and food

We are no longer able to raise our flags
That once glow through the night
And made us gods of the night
We sit in darkness, our leaders sold it all out

They sold a half piece of the material
The one so precious that holds our soul 
Now when we raise our spirit flags
It no longer shines in the dark

They sold it all for greed, an enemy within
Our leaders are cannibalistic in nature
Pillaging the land dry for greed
An enemy within, our heroes never came home


  1. OH, wow. This makes me feel so sad. And that lets me know how good it is.



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