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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dried Out Roses

A torn heart bleeds tears of sorrowful affliction  
When little angels die harsh to the bone 

Bleed is simple, cut and you see blood 
But not when emotional veins in the heart are ripped out  

She was only little, an angel with baby wings 
Bright as the birth of a new star beaming 

The winds have been rough and strong, dried out roses 
This weathers play has been wicked to the bone, dried out roses

To put off a young lit candle, innocent lights 
To take away a life with sparks, emotions lost  

Children rhymes now hold hallow 
The joy of hearing has turned to haunt 

And tears flow non stop like  larva 
Erupting from the sore of this wounded earth 

Your memory is with joy and intelligence, dried out roses  
Pain pierces the heart rapid  in succession, emotional bleed 

I heard your voice in my sleep last night, last night 
I felt your energy leave to join the universe 

And now you are the star I see up in the sky 
And each night I will see you shining rays on me 

Yet earth misses you, Nana Ama 
I miss you, to have gone so soon, dried out roses 


  1. oh heavy emotion there in the end and i can see why you miss her as well...smiles...beautiful write kodjo...the putting off the young candle as well was heavy lines for me man...

    been good seeing you around more...smiles.

  2. Oh so terribly sad... I cry for your pain.. and so very beautifully expressed.. a little angel a withered rose... and a star. This was painful to read.. and had to be painful to write...

  3. For so many reasons, I was touched by this piece--such a painful place to be!

  4. I'm with Audrey - very touching.


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