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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Democracy, democrazy; let my vote count

When my words are asked in demand 
When my hands are requested on alliance 
When my legs are borrowed for support 

To walk this journey 
To stand this ground 
To pledge an alliance 

Where my stakes do count, thumbprint 
Where a queue means possible change 
Where my presence has effect, dominoes  

And the puppet masters need me now, to pull strings 
And I am made a king maker with cast 
And I am thus destiny onto them as will 

Will I know what to priorities 
Will I know what my interest are 
Will I be wise enough to know in essence 

That the table has turned, favored positions 
That the value is on me, precious 
That I am with vote, a commodity sort  for 

A bargaining chip, to state my need 
An upper hand on chess game, to win a post 
A trading ground, a barter trade, for fair trade my interest 

Or will I just follow party politics 
Waving flags as my interest pledge, banners barmy 
To say it is them against us, foolishly with protest 

Two brothers on opposing sides 
Who is to build our father's house 
To say it is them against us, foolishly on stands taken 

Following party politics, Montague against Capulet  
Let my vote count, so not to demonstrate craziness 
As mine democrazy, my interest is to be seen to as mine 


  1. This is very interesting, You're a very skilled blogger. I've joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post.
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  2. We all need to take an active role in the political process, to make our votes count. Your poem is strong, passionate, and gets your point across very well.

    Thank you for posting a link in Poets United Poetry Pantry. I hope you will also visit the other poets, as we all need this kind of support as well. Good for everyone's morale.

  3. ha. love the cartoon...and your thoughts to follow...democracy is what we have made of it you know...a means to meet our self interest over that of the group...

  4. Cleverly done

  5. ...well, we had just elected new 'leaders' here... & it was really demoCRAZY what we did to put 'em on their position... aww... smiles...

  6. It always boils down to polarization of opponents, instead of all groups working together as a whole. Sigh. Good write, Kodjo!

  7. Fantastic view. One I had never taken the time to think of in those terms (or, perhaps I had yet not recognized). Excellent.


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