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Monday, 3 June 2013

A bird in a shell; before birth

A mother's womb is all a foetus knows 
Waking, walking the warm colour pink of inside skin 

Birds do sing, echoing melodies that tingle sensations 
Beautiful but absent to sights closed 

Guess we are all blind before birth 
Yet for the nine months we live and breathe 

We hear and feel and kick, our mother's womb 
Did you feel that, he just kicked as kicks to excite 

Sounds and voices are familiar to the ears 
Meet and greet long before breath of air 

An "MRI" scan will give you the beautiful 
Bird sound, songs of the heart beat 

Each rhythm with an edge to count 
On count down to the day of birth 

Uniting our dimensions 
You are a bird out of a womb, protective shell 

With cries as songs and you sing songs  
I know you have your favorite song 

Mother played it for you long before this day
I know you know whose voice this is

You heard it sing to you 
Many moons before birth 

Birth, as waking walking singing 
A dimensional crossover, born this day 

Picture by:Waking, Walking, Singing, in the Next Dimension? 1979 by Morris Graves 
Written for:http://magpietales.blogspot.com/


  1. Very impressive, and actually rather wonderful.

  2. Stirring rendition of the primal scene, Kodjo, thanks mate

  3. This is so lovely makes me remember being pregnant with my beautiful daughter and how magical it all is

  4. Oh my, this is exquisite.

  5. Color pink of inside skin..what a vision...I love the way you bring forth the birth!!

  6. Kodjo, this is precious! I had to read it over and over. My daughter has just had IVF and we're hoping that she will be blessed by pregnancy soon, so your poem hits me with deep poignancy. Simply beautiful.

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  8. nice...i used to sind a lot to my unborn kids and to know a new life is growing in one's womb is just magical - sometimes i wish i had memories of the time when i was in the womb myself..so much magic...

  9. nice...lovely capture of that child...there is just something about new life growing in the womb...used to love talking to mine as they were preparing...

  10. Oh it is so amazing to think about what the child in the womb is thinking and feeling. Your poem gives me a glimpse!

  11. This is beautiful. Blessings to you for writing and sharing this...

  12. Thanks for sharing this interesting piece of writing.

  13. What a beautiful picture Kodjo
    of life looking from the inside out
    you make the beginning of life so regal (as it should be)

    hugs to you my talented friend!

  14. Your poem brought back sweet memories of when I was pregnant and when my kids were first born ~ thank you!

  15. Lovely them of new life...beautiful write...


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