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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

If it rains in Georgia, it rains in Accra

Rain drops on my window 
Singing melodies of distant memory echoing sounds 

I sing along to it, it rains down here in Georgia 
And it rains all around the world 

Each line drawn, codes 
Unraveling messages in a bottle 

The rain keeps me grounded 
It allows thoughts to digest 

We have been going for far too long 
Far too long now on cross roads 

Each line drawn out to hypnotize me 
Into a world I have long forgotten about 

It rains down here in Accra 
And I feel the age in time we have lost 

I am back now on your streets again 
Almost as a foreigner to find my way again 

You have changed in so many ways 
Guess I have too, in so many ways 

I have not yet visited my pilgrim home 
Down in Dansoman where memories were first made  

In my safe place my mind always takes me there 
I have not yet visited home Datus so close by 

Last I did it was walled like a prison vaulted entombed 
So different from how I knew it to be, free as before 

Strange, with strangers living there at present 
I have not yet visited home, last I did I got lost 

It rains here in Georgia, a rainy night in Georgia 
That was some old country and western song 

Drawing nostalgic emotions out of me 
Played on XYZ fm, dial on  the end tune 

This is me, sitting in a traffic jam in Accra slow 
Each light flash on my window takes me there and back 

It rains here in Accra, it rains all around the world 
It rains in Georgia too, it rains in Georgia too 


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