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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Banksy's Christmas Postcard

Jesus wept 
And Jesus protested 

Jesus would not reach bethlehem 
This year, for his ceremonial birth 

Marry and Joseph would have 
To make other plans for this year  

The promised landscape has changed 
Emotion has fed of hate, full to the belly 

And peace is a foreign word 
Never heard of, in this land 

The bible is back on the editors desk 
Typos to be edited, it was rushed to print 

A few incoherent stories 
And lines to be omitted 

Someone went back into time 
And built a wall to block pilgrim's path

The star is in the wrong directional location 
For Marry and Joseph can not reach 

The three wise men without GPS 
To navigate their way around the wall of jericho 

So the good bible will have to be edited 
For religion to make sense again 

All because someone decided to 
Build a wall and block pilgrim's path 

Jesus would not reach bethlehem 
This year for his ceremonial birth 

Marry and Joseph would have to
Make other plans for this year 

#Its the season to rejoice in 
#la la la la laaa la la la laaa 


  1. Is there a significance to referring to Mary as merry within the poem?

  2. You didn't answer but I can see you have corrected, just a typo then. This is an interesting piece, very emotive. I am wondering now who the pilgrims would be.

    1. It took me two years to answer. It was a typo and thanks for making me aware of it.


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