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Friday, 20 December 2013

Youth like an hourglass

Youth is like the hourglass 
So full to the brim so time goes slow 

Not much it gives to the bottom of the glass 
Defined by a sense of invisibility bottom-up 

Had you all of  the strength and time 
A few yet more than enough to spend 

Of funds to blow and plunder and render 
Why would you act any different on cue 

Do not fool yourself  with pretence 
Your thoughts speaks so loud I can hear you thinker 

Why not for memories to be made of  time wasted 
Gallivanting and masquerading with bravado 

Action heroes are made of youth 
Capoeira and free running on walls to match 

Such joy of life, if youth was forever 
And death was never known to man 

But you can not be too wise with sage  
And save a penny a penny too many 

Testosterones and jumping hormones 
Running wild like a spirit  possessed 

Wait my good friend, don't be a kill joy 
Spoiling the sports with so much wisdom 

Half way down the hourglass full 
The sand starts rushing off fast with speed 

Time my friend, at this point 
Waits for no man, quick quick now 

The hourglass in a rush 
Minutes gone in seconds now ticking 

Oh time they say, waits for no man I hear 
Rushing off, like it is being chased after 

Youth like an hourglass 
Have fun my friend your time would come 

When the hourglass sand just runs and runs 
With a whirlpool fast on your time 

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