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Monday, 2 December 2013

Keys to life

Planted seeds, on fruitful lands
The rain is a blessing

Time is a miracle of growth
A key to the door of age count

It is funny how adults look
The same in a frozen state, status 

Surrounded by worry, bills paying
That never stops coming

The young hold the keys to life 
Happy to see the sun, for joy  

Summer means less weight 
Of clothes worn to burden hold 

While we count our coins in piggy banks 
And recount again hoping for miracles 

Shrinking contacts with old friends 
Loosing the ability to connect with new 

Early sleep to wake early 
With worrying thoughts as alarm bells 

The young hold the keys to life 
I wonder where I dropped mine 

I swear I held it so close to my heart 
So tight with grip so not to fall 

Keys to life 
The young hold the keys to life 

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