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Friday, 6 December 2013

Mandela Madiba Nelson

Do we cry or do we smile 
Do we breathe a sigh of relief 

Or are we to be with sorrow 
For an old tree has fallen in the forest 

Do we cry with joy to celebrate his life
Or do we cry with sadness for what awaits 

The forest has been shrinking 
Lets all admit it, this old ground was once so green 

Fewer and fewer of the old trees stand 
Fewer would even claim their own roots 

Madiba was an old tree, a great one
A giant of a tree in this shrinking forest 

Unfortunately as we stand in agony it is the chainsaws 
That w'ld organize his funeral and be the chief mooners 

Shedding crocodile tears for his passing 
All in a rush to go plundering and looting  

No longer would the old mahogany tree 
Protect these seedlings so vulnerable  

The chainsaw can be heard roaring, hyenas laugh 
Ready to lay carnage on the land 

The grave robbers are no longer strangers, they are family
They have been camping for so long in wait 

But as tradition demands, last respect, last rites 
We will all close our eyes and shed tears 

I leave it to you if yours is of sadness 
Or that of joy, I leave it to you  

Madiba will have his last right 
But do not cry crocodile tears on his grave 

If all I can do is plead 
I plead with thee, do not coward his grave 

For Madiba shared 
Only but a genuine smile 

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