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Monday, 23 December 2013

Hush lounge, hush it

The coffee shop, shop, shop, hush lounge 
Opposite Chase in Labone, story line 

Foolish the boy who's essence, dress sense  
Is defined by the badge on his arms 

Arrogance like a twitch, he is twitching  
He wears it not so well  

So, so he is so so insecure 
Like this believe me, I witnessed  

He has no existence, he has to be defined
By the badge he wears, in society

The the badge he wears  
Hush it, hush it 

Nothing is worth the meaning 
Not so defined to the pretentious 

Fanny looking characters, muppets  puppets  
On speed pills of misguided identity, hallucinating  

He wears a badge 
But never a made man 

As if, it is all ego talk, don't be bothered 
He has no essence, over bloated mind set 

Looking at him, standing hollow without 
The badge he wears, empty shells

With self hatred he wears a badge 
Want to be seen but hates the lights

Brighter on the conscience, burning deep  
High way, on slow lanes and street lights 

Each passing reflection, flash lights, lights  
Leaves enough time to see himself naked in the mirror 

With self hating, grappling, griping, holding on tight 
Fearing he would loose it all 

Imagine, imagine, imagine that 
Slow down on the tempo now 

Allow reason to manifest imprisoned minds 
Show escape routes of avenues to progress 

Watch him wearing rented badges  
On his arms, as identity, shape shifting  

So so he is so, so insecure 
Hush it, hush it, he is so insecure 

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