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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Sun the Moon in Court

When the Sun and the Moon 
Came to court, seeking redress 

The sun will not future the moon 
Something to do with a misunderstanding 

Of how many hours a day one works 
A' w' works more, w' works the most,  w' works best

Some would say the sun started this acrimony   
Calling the moon lazy and empty without life  

A scrounger, needing the sun 
To define its value, always in after favour  

The moon replied with anger, what! 
When all this started in the beginning of earth time 

It was a favour I did you Sun of man, 
And of the nine planets;

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the rest 
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto 

Earthlings refer to you as a God Apollo 
Giver of life and light in the day 

What of me, what do I get 
An unsung hero

Who brings light to the night 
When you can not reach 

And allow lovers to court in romance 
Walking under the moon light hand in hand 

Yet even a kid as Cupid playing with arrows  
Gets the recognition, stolen from me 

I guide some religion, to fast with prayers 
On full moon, for yet another God to be worshiped 

I bring the high tide in, the fishes depend on me 
For the sea to rest its dance the night 

I give the wolves their voice  to howl 
To sing and hunt the night in joy 

Yet you will question my worth 
Because I am not a dummy god 

Don't you forget Sun of t' nine planets don't you forget 
I can eclipse you, when it comes to Earth 

Long enough for earthlings  
To question your status as god, long enough 

Mind you 
Long enough 

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