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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Popo, Kpoti, Bobby on the beat

What do I think of the Popo, Bobby on the beat 
Officially still at work, what can he do  Kpoti 

Officially someone is taking the piss koti 
Being driven around as a third wheel hangin, Kpoti 

Officially being driven around Bobby duty bound 
Osu Oxford Street on the night rounds, "Kpoti yes sir"     

As demanded, supposedly as an escort to the honourable 
One Mr Important's, not so Important son, Kpoti 

I could not but see a satirical joke, koti  
In the scene that witnessed my presence 

So to the point of the car parking, Kpoti 
Some SUV of a kind new on the plate, Kpoti 

But looking unwanted with opulence 
What can I say, I observe I write , Kpoti 

All four doors open like sesame, Kpoti 
Then out comes Young Mr not so important 

And his entourage, following dog tale 
Of cause Kpoti gets out as well 

Officially still on duty with piss take, Kpoti 
Officially being driven around double piss take 

For someone's pleasure 
But wait Kpoti, koti gets left out 

Standing next to the locked up car 
To stand and wait, for hours long, Kpoti 

For Young Mr not so important 
And his entourage to go have fun, Kpoti 

On a friday night, he is on the beat, Kpoti 
What more would Popo, Bobby want on the beat

Officially still on duty, piss take on Kpoti 
Officially koti has been assigned 

The generous tax payer, to foot the bill 
Why not, monkey dey work ...Kpoti 

For piss take and the rest, Baboon dey chop
Poor old Popo, Kpoti, Bobby on the beat 

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