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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My Existence ( Being Alive)

Someone knocks on my door
A call from missing friends
'I was just thinking of you
You  just came to mind'

We only exist
Because someone 
Somewhere, is missing us 
Is thinking of us

That is the beauty 
Secret's of LIFE...
Immortality is made of  man
On burial grounds 

I laid a flower
In your name, in your memory
Something nice, something nice said
You just came to mind

Who would have me, in their thoughts
To all I have in my thoughts....
You just came to mind
In wishing you well

I  just, thought of you
Stay alive, be alive
See you soon, someday soon
You just came to mind

And that would just be
An icing on the cake
Always with me
Always on my mind 

You just came to mind
I was thinking of you 
You just came alive 

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