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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Alo, alo.. Stars n Eagles

Alo alo..
Ring ring bells like church bells ring..
Going off , on and on and on..
A stage is set, await ends revelation..

Bring out your knights...
Yee from boarders beyond..
I heard your kinsmen ..
Whispering in corridors..
Of your greatness, ha!..

Fair enough..
But against the Stars..
The eagle’s flight..
Never reaches the heavens..

Beyond the horizon sun..
Shooting stars lines up..
The constellations of Mercury..
With lightning bolts ..
Shining victories into bosoms of pride..

Songs of the stars ring ring ring..
Like church bells ring

The star shines so bright to please 
For night and day 
Is heard far, far
Into distance lands far..
Alo alo 

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