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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bleeding Dead Rose

The brutal winter gave birth to you..
In nights the desert lost its voice..
No echoes heard from winds residing..

The unknown ghostly stood still..
Enchanted by the overwhelming chemistry..
Seduced in the smoked fog of mermaids 

This path, patch, has been walked before..
Many a time, but without so much, given 
This much meaning, of value to lose on risk..

Chemistry of instinct, synchronized emotions..
The vine yards of tranquil gardens, walked..
Bearing fruits for summer's wine..

Short sighted by lust of physical attraction..
Allowing rotten fruits passage, this way..
Into the perfect wine, here brewered..

Choking on willing drinks drunk
Fingers deep in throats request..
Bringing out, in regurgitation's act,..

Sullen mixture of old tarnished desire..
Long gone the trust of tranquillity..
Be leaguing in bleeding dead rose..

A dried out rose 
A bleeding dead rose 
In the rose cottage, a dead rose 


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