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Friday, 22 January 2010

On top of the Hill

Milestones of little drops in oceans..
Miles in distance travelled..
Through time and passage web..

Onto this day.. 
Finally reached..
Moved by thoughts..

Of inspirations challenged..

The edges, that threaten to let go..
Feeding me to oblivion..

Till the first acknowledgement..

Of kudos comment..
Into the addiction of renowned want..

Will today serve a platter,..

Greater than yesterday’s Kings?.. 
Nothing excite more than the kudos renowned..

This spare moment, 
Is a seat  back, look back with pride..

Oh, how far through time journeyed..

With aliens of acquittance , 

Familiar we have become ..
As friends, in galaxy’s web..

In this world, accomplished delight..

With 500 drops of ink, oceans were made..
To have a swim in my winning ways

No man can deprive me..
Let no man, deprive me
Of such glorious pride.. Ho Ha!…


  1. Love this man and a fine last stanza

  2. What a thrilling achievement. I love the voice in this poem as well.

  3. cool sentiments, well done.

  4. Achievement is what it's all about. Nice one.

  5. Acknowledgment is such a motivator - especially when it comes from within. This was an interesting read!

  6. writing is everything.... beautiful view on the top...

  7. This was a fun poem, Kodjo. Getting
    ahead in this world isn't always easy.


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