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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Gossip Train

Allow daylight to vanquish vampire's whisper..
With rain drops washing off bogus mask..
Worn by the empty vanity of men..

Speakers, speak well..
As we decipher, corrupt sentences..
Stones turn naturally,..
Where to hide, hide less..
Like the headless medusa...

Truth stands, flashing lights on you..
What do you think you doing?..
Conjuring contempt, acid rain..
With dam, dammed proclamations..
Baseless, careless, case-less, case held void..

Found wanting..
In front of  the jury of your peers,..
Piercing you with eyes that stare..
Staring down on you, picking on hollow words said..

Allow day light to vanquish vampire's whispers..
Conspiracy planned held in darkened rooms..
Behind closed doors, to be shine alight bright upon..

You have now been found wanting,..
Eyes staring straight through you, like daylight..
And all that you have to say, is heard by all..

Gossip train, going no where 
Allow daylight to vanquish vampire's whispers 
We are all present, all ears listening 

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