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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Instinct of Difference

Instinct, basic of all human actions
And reactions tells one that, ..
We are beings with the ..
Need for social habitation (Gathering) ..

So a common ground is found ..
And a bond is formed ..
Fire it is said, needs constant ..
Fuel to keep burning (oxygen)..

If a friend is found a foe is needed..
Negatives and positives, ..
The laws of nature says 

Every reaction w' equal opposite reaction

The closer one strives to affirm a bond ..
The more the presumed need ..
To establish a difference..
With a foe, to meet natures law

If there is none ..
One is formed, creating ..
Mirage of hatred allergy..

Or selfish intent

Compromise, common sense..
And harmony of peace of mind 

Are grounds found ..
Once the dust finally settles.. 

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