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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Choking on Air

Breathe, breath, breathtaking..
Gasping for little drops..
Of addictive oxygen,..

Like a coke head..
Desperately ready for a fix...
Sharp, nice...inhale, exhale..
Through exhausts pipes of lungs,..

Double cylinders..
Of the heart's beat,..
Gasping, gasping, jet sucking winds into my lungs..
Flapping wings on arms race..

I am not, to drown in..
These dirty murky waters,..

To be caught on hooks held by the trawler

My silk, too fine..
For this here..
Hangman’s rope...

Shore line..
Awaits my savior parade..
I will be a fish through..
These waters..
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  1. vivid imagery,
    love your word choices.
    well done.

  2. Great shot and lovely poem...!!

  3. some interesting things going on here, comparing the fishing line to hangman's rope is great. i also like how you call Oxygen addictive. i guess it's the ultimate addiction.


  4. I could feel the reactions of the fish ... great choice of words to evoke a response. Well done!

  5. A lot of desperation among the fishes. Interesting photo.

  6. Nice cadence & good word choice :)

  7. I am wondering if those are carp. Great picture of fish looking like they are breathing air through their mouths. Can fish do this? I am now wondering because I always thought they had to do it through their gills. Very new thought for me.

    Great poem, oxygen is it addictive or a necessity? What is the difference? Is there a difference?

    Thanks for joining in on this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.


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