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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

When I meet the Shaman

I will seek,...
Words from the Shaman,..
When we sit in common, ..

And ask, since he walks amongst..
The spiritual and earthly realms,..
What lies behind closed doors?..

Oh, why does time flies fast, so fast..
Once we LOOSE our innocence ..
And the curtain drawn, is left opened..

Most of all, I will ask if all religions..
Are the same in ideology 
Just with different names..

I will ask to know, in seeking answers.. 
Who among today’s churches ..
Are FALSE prophets? in it  just for my silver..

I will seek to know..
If tomorrow brings ..
More JOY, than pain to the weak ..

What happens to the man?..
Who takes another’s life? ..
In the name of what is PURE, ..

When we sit in common..
I will seek enlightenment..
From the Shaman..
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