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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Grace of the hummingbird

Lovers' rock should 
Steady hold  these rocking boats 

Voyage out at sea and 
The storm is coming in 

Winds protest strong 
When the south meets the north  

Typhoons and tornadoes  
Cyclones with bluffs called  

They all come out to play 
Like the raging bull  

Slowly slowly 
As the saying goes 

Catches monkey 
No banana slippery business here 

Water would not sit 
In the palm of the hesitant 

Buddha is not a man of mystery
Don't let any one mislead you 

He is just with patience 
To have observed  

The magic and beauty of the 
Humming bird's flight 

For the secret 
Nectar the flower holds 

Lovers' rock should 
Steady hold these rocking boats 

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