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Saturday, 4 May 2013

The trotro stories; The naming rights #3

All trotros should have a name 
That is the tradition, naming rights 

"Family Is My Problem"

A name as a phrase long 
To be labeled at the back 

"You Lie Bad"

Every trotro should have a name 
And can only be called after pass 

"Who Is Free"

As most often, the favored   
Place of label is at the back 

"Thy Will Be Done"

Bible verses are often a preferred choice 
Philosophy follows suit 

"Trust God"

Some just pick what sits comfortably 
Or otherwise in their minds as label 

"Heaven's Gate No Bribe"

But all as a reflection of the owners 
Mantra, this is my call my motto  

"Observers Are Worried"

All trotros should be named 
So from a distance I can call each 

"Wuanu Peh Asem" 

By his name and expect a respond 
Though half the time they contracdict 

"Di Wo Fei Asem"

In what the naming says 
And the driver and his mates act 

"Who Knows"

Just like a person called mercy 
Who is far from merciful 

"Eye Asem oo hmm"

I guess that is just part of life 
But all trotros should be named 

"Love Is Expensive"

How else am I going to 
Hail each to my beckon call 

"Trotro Blues"

All trotros should be named 
As naming rights require 

"Wo Nyamesom Mponi" 

"Oh God Save Me"


  1. Your poems are always so profound

    I do think a lot of people are looking for some type of instruction manual to life, that rather than seek their own truths they are looking for bandaid philosophies to heal all their wounds. We have to start asking questions and looking inside ourselves. I agree most of us are not free and its not even society that is enslaved us, we enslave ourselves more often than not.

    I am

  2. I am not sure i get some of this, but going on first reaction and overall impression from my gut feeling without knowing some of the language I feel a sense of playfulness at the seriousness of it all. The poem is song-like.

  3. I like the sense of playfulness which pokes a little fun at all the big questions in life.

  4. Very intruiging. A poem that requires a couple of readings to catch all you've written. Creative.

  5. I had to look up what a trotro is...love it when I get to learn something new. I enjoyed the playfulness of this Kodjo.

  6. oh gosh this is nice love the story line

  7. Clever stuff - had to look up trotro too.

    Anna |:o]


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