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Friday, 3 May 2013

The Birthday Wish List

The birthday wish list 
Candle by numbers, do not mention 

Just one as a figure would do 
No point counting all that 

What do you give to a person 
That wants none, none to ask for 

None at all in material need 
As value not needed,on bequest 

What do you do to show an appreciation 
To celebrate the life of a human angel 

Most would weld a string 
As whip to proclaim their strong hold  

But in life there are classy walking angels too 
Mothering the masses in want of harmony 

That teach with radiant character on deeds 
As an inspiration for others to follow 

What do you give to a person 
That wants none, none to ask for 

But a beautiful smile, none to ask for 
None to ask for, but the harmony of her flock 

We searched hard to find the gift 
Most with value to sum your essence 

We ended up with words to say 
For all that you are, you are appreciated 

And we hold your legacy as built 
Being built, as seeds of characters to have 

What do you give, as gift with more in value
Than material gifts, cheap on currency 

A life time of appreciation as an inspiration 
You are appreciated, for all that you are.. 

No counting of candles on cakes 
We are only here to make wishes 

Don't you know it is rude to
Ask a fine lady her age.....

I am not an age count 
I am retro! from the time of the analog 

Written on request by: Yayra Deynoo
As a birthday present for: Mary Abla Apaloo Kessie

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