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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The trotro stories; The morning stress #2

Height gained from my sardine seat 
Packed in sides of four tight 

This here a worker's carriage 
As May day to celebrate the working man/woman 

In a line sat and we squeeze to skin touch 
Comfort spared in public transport 

Radios play radio commentary 
Dortmund and Real Madrid 

Battle on fields for winners stake 
Chatty chatty blast the air waves 

Fingers fast turn on screen 
Touch speed to type away

Sentence flow as rain drop 
Uninterrupted as I finger tap 

Free flow to the commentary 
On the radio play scores inquiring 

Trotro poetry fast served 
This I have to finish just in time 

Before my junction to alight 
From tic toc worker's parade 

Cheers from behind as joys
For another goal scored 

A trotro journey one stop away 
From my journey's end 

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