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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother oh mother

Mother oh mother 
You gave the breath that made me so 

You nurtured the tenderness in my heart 
You gave me a shoulder to cry on, I cried 

Mother oh mother 
You gave me the confidence to believe in me 

You always remained solid as a rock to stand on 
You never lost, hope, faith, I know 

You cradle me from young without feathers 
And to adulthood your warmth is still felt 

Mother oh mother 
You are the comfort I know and trust 

You are the truth in sincerity 
You are the conscience in my thought 

You are the restraint to my unleash 
You  always know to stop me from burning bridges  

Mother oh mother 
You are the strength that sits in me 

You are my heroine of great name 
You are an inspiration from gifted bless 

I will always be in debt as assured
With what gratitude I owe you Mother 

You are and always will be through eternity 
My Mona Lisa...sweet mother 

Mother oh mother 


  1. Oh, Kodjo, what a moving Mother's Day tribute! Your mother has given you so many gifts...her strength, a shoulder to cry on, restraint, and....most of all, from your words, I see she has given you the gift of love!

  2. What a lovely celebration of your Mother.

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to a special person.

  4. I hope she gets to read this marvelous tribute. if not, read it to her and to the indomitable spirit she brings to you.

  5. smiles...love your thoughts on you mother and how she gave you strength...mine did as well and played a huge part in shaping who i became...having that kind of support makes all the difference in the world...

  6. What a wonderful mother you have, and you have gifted her so well with this loving poem.

  7. I like this song of praise for your mother - nice interior rhyme and half rhymes as well. Thanks!

  8. Now here is a boy who really loves his Mum....lovely!

  9. Such a wonderful tribute and such nice thoughts to the person like no other! Nicely Kodjo!


  10. Oh so sweet, you bring tears of joy to my eyes, and warm my heart with memories gone by.

  11. Absolutely beautiful and heart-warming

  12. Oh this is a lovely lyrical tribute...


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