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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Who owns the dollhouse

I  just learnt of an important trend 
I just observed an underlining current 

Not that it matters, as it were, smoke screens 
But it matters most to a degree, as it were

Above the norm to be expected, as it were 
It really matters in circles, realms of the high 

Between the powers that be, strings to ropes 
And how the weathers play, as it were 

It matters most, when spotted 
And assigned a scrutiny, "assigned as it were

It warns one, in such subtle terms, as it were 
Larking with innocence pretend no physical form 

"I have got k9 teeth, a set full, dog shape, but I wouldn't bite 
Just for show, this is, to show and tell,  just so you know" 

Until that is, it is needed, as it were 
To show and tell, show and tell 

I just learnt of an important trend 
I just observed an underlining current 

I just realized we are in a puppet house, as it were 
With invisible strings being pulled on acts  

I just realized we are all puppets in play  
I just observed an important trend 

Strings on my shoulders 
Jerking my arms, pulling my legs 

I just waked up in a puppet house 
Surrounded by familiar faces with smile 

Yet all puppets in play, strings attached

Who owns the dollhouse,

Unveiling the smoke screen 
We live in a puppet house, a dollhouse 


  1. Love the use of 'as it were.' Puppets in a play, actors on a stage ~~ the way it is.

  2. Yes, who is it! There must be elements of play to keep things moving! Nicely Kodjo!


  3. Love it =) I have written a few poems on marionettes and social artificiality

  4. Nice play of words and stories....the imagery is terrific...loved the "dollhouse"...!

  5. A clear cut case of the puppets running the dollhouse, thanks Kodjoo

  6. I love your unique and beautiful take...


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