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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The trotro stories; Bleoo the boneshaker #4

Two can play that game, a tango

On the road with old knights, bleoo, bleoo 

The boss when challenged would respond 

Bleoo, bleoo and yet he would respond 

Slowly but surely, grace and trust to  

His old horse and carriage, bleoo, bleoo 

Ordinarily he says no word, galloping bleoo, bleoo 

He is with eyes set on the path ahead, bleoo 

Only to hold grudge if need be as often 

With the other gladiators on the road 

He will get me home safe as usual, bleoo 

He got me to the fields of earn the same 

He will get me home safe as usual, bleoo 

While in his buggy he is my knight 

To slay the dragons on the road with ease  

That obstruct my smooth passage home, bleoo 

Two can play that game and he is good at it 

Weaving through traffic with ease, bleoo, bleoo

The boss when challenged would respond 

And he will get me home safe, bleoo, bleoo 

No speedometers and speed counters 
To mark the pace we travel, bleoo, bleoo 

Destination is all that matters as snails we crawl 
Bleoo, bleoo and we are sure to get there 

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