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Monday, 1 February 2010

10 Commandments of the Don't

Do not go to the well;..
vertigo may drown you, there in dry wells..
Don’t go to the river;..
the crocodiles teeth awaits..

Don’t fly up high;..
the sun will burn your  tender wings..
Don’t climb fruit trees;..
 snakes lie in wait, thirsty  for your blood..

Don’t step outside at dawn;..
the ground gives way to the hunger of its inner core..
Don’t speak out, in front of elders;..

yours will not be heard..

Don’t walk on the forest floor;.
the big bad wolf awaits to taste your flesh..
Don’t sleep in the dark;..
in there lies monsters that haunts the midnight hour..

Don’t smell the flowers pollen in spring;..SNEEZE!
it will steal you of your breath..
Do not shake hands of strangers;..
they will rob you of your soul..

So he wrote down..
the Ten Commandments..
of the Don’ts and left out the do's..
What a life of adventure he lived..
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