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Saturday, 16 March 2013

A standard required

I don't know if acclimatization 
Means becoming alien to one's query 

Why this, why that, why why "three little pigs"
Why I wonder, what reason gives, bamboo for rods 

Shutting down my sense of sight and smell 
Geared to spot the accolade dressed as normality 

What gives, I try to find rational for structures 
To justify the stands of  these barometers 

Long after I walked past still unclear on thoughts 
What gives, is it the love for gravy so strong to crave  

But for silver there is so much more to have 
Just without the need to hang decency 

Is my sense of smell and sight to be turned off 
Like a closed shop, or be the lone crusader  

Who is psychologically incarcerated 
For seeing these harvest of today as poor  

Yet I know there are a thousands others 
With protest; so who does the crime 

And who watches on, without query 
Why this, why that, a standard required 

An inquest into the inquiry 
Who shot decency for silver so cheap

If I am not mistaken the three little pigs 
Built their homes as separate on specifications 

Knowing not to mix, straw and block
As one for the walls of their homes built 


Note: KOANs Estate a house builder's shambolic and corrupt idea of saving on reinforcement in the concrete columns and beams in Ghana, using bamboo instead of steel in the concrete. This I believe is an exception rather than the norm in the construction industry in Ghana, hence my shock. 


  1. Sadly this happens everywhere, and not just in the construction business. We note more and more where quality is sacrificed to greed... what is the least we can do for the most income? How sad, when once there was pride in craftsmanship and reputation.

  2. You pose some thoughtful questions here about greed and corruption-- and the problem in the world we have of knowing but looking away and doing nothing when it occurs.

  3. I cannot imagine that bamboo would provide the necessary reinforcement. Alas, this sort of dishonesty does happen often. I've a friend in the US who has spent tens of thousands of dollars to replace plumbing, electric, etc. in a near-new home. The builder did nothing to code and paid off the inspector.


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