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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Independence Day; The big six

I am to travel to a place called home 
Take flight or grow wings, paper plane

Through time travel on invented machines 
I am to journey to a place in time, sankofa 

To a spot, a date in time, as time stands  
To be a witness to a phase in time, ceremonies 

A paradigm shift, on liberation's stage 
A place in time, set to establish my blue print 

I am to travel to a place, where in time 
My forefathers defined my destiny, forward ever 

On this day, in time, this place in time 
When time made prominence, on my landed paradise 

Six decades back in time, to this very day in time 
To see; witness the change of guards, in time 

We are as old now, wisdom is ushered  
Through the passage of time, lessons from life 

Experience bares the fruits of our struggles 
To a time, a place in time, to be as wise now  

So I ask, as we lift flag banners to celebrate 
Will the big six, find solace in these times 

Invited as special guests to witness our strive 
Will the big six shake hands with today's guardians 

And say ayikoo, ayikoo and when you hear 
The cock crow in the morning ayikoo  

It should not be in postures, as a political satire 
To say "Freedom freedom, Ghana is free for ever"

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