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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Not for laughs; No laughing matter

Not to be Reproduced, 1937 by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte

Not for laughs, no laughing matter 
If the mirror is set stood in the dark 

The recipients of views are left with preference 
Subjective on notions they so choose to relate to 

Lifting a figure takes an effort to master 
One cannot be bothered to hold so strong 

The darkness would hide one's blemish 
Shortfalls on priorities are to be made common 

Around here, here, we are, all blind in the dark 
Mirrors reflections has no value 

Not even if one as us, shines a light 
To daylight the dark, not even that as prelude 

The prophets have made foolish of moral 
A price tag; the seller has to now pay the payer 

To get things done, how do we get things done 
Around here, rules of engagement do define 

Elaborate your PROCLAMATION and stand by
Your words, a cancer of deeds as done 

But do not attempt to fool the gods 
With stands like “fa ma nyame” 

Not for laughs, no laughing matter, do you mind
A satire has its place, not in stern fields, do you mind

Do you mind, do you mind, mate 


  1. Such a strong social dynamic to this, my friend. The most striking phrase, for me, was to "daylight the dark." I am much in favor of fusing words, and the English language is so limited in scope, in feeling, that at times I feel trapped.

    "The seller now has to pay the payer," indeed. Topsy-turvy world, in priorities as well as in simple daily realities. Bless you. Amy

  2. Great social stand in your verses. so much truth expressed in such an artistic way!

  3. Ahhh...what to say...they seeped deep inside my heart...indeed your words are a heap of clay , shaping and reshaping in reader's mind...good work buddy :)

  4. nice...cool story overall but also each little bit has something to weight...the part that struck me first read was... Elaborate your PROCLAMATION and stand by
    Your words, a cancer of deeds as done ...our words, so much wieght to them and if we cant stand by them, then why use them...and the daylight to dark, another cool touch..

  5. I read and re-read and I think my lack of trying to describe is showing itself here...forgive my for I am a little under my league to properly comment (though others are not). Apologies, but I think acknowledging the writers efforts in these prompts should also be undertaken.. as I have done :-(

  6. Creatively spun this tale of truth!

  7. I agree. No laughing matter at all.



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