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Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Award; Best Original Content Blogcamp13

It is a joy to be recognized and rewarded for following one's own dreams and passion
I have often been asked how much I make from writing, followed by "whats the point then"
Justifying spending time writing poems is never easy to defend when asked by parties with no interest in the art.
Friends like Efo Dela http://efodela.blogspot.com  a nominee in the Best Blog category is to be commended for their effort, dedication and web presence.
 But then all appreciate good reasoning and content "Content is King". Wining an award for Best Original Content is to me the best accolade one can be bestowed, for now that is.

To Diana McAlister my editor, I thank you for going through the poems with a fine-comb, I know your essence.

For the rest out there, I will say be inspired.

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  1. Congratulations bro, u deserve it.


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